There are two types of filling available.

  • Tooth coloured filling
  • Silver filling
  • Tooth coloured filling is made up of a nontoxic composite resin that can be exactly matched to your existing natural tooth colour. This material chemically bonds to the tooth creating a tight, superior fit to the natural tooth. They are the most conservative in saving the healthy tooth structure.Composite resins are a better alternative because it is tooth coloured which helps to create a long lasting beautiful smile.

    With advancements in modern dentistry...We at Savani Dental Care and Orthodontic Clinic believe in practicing minimal invasive dentistry so we are not offering silver fillings treatment option.

    Fortunately, silver fillings can be safely replaced with tooth coloured restorations.

    • The metal of a silver filling expands/ contracts, resulting in fracture of filling.
    • Discolouration of tooth.
    • Unaesthetically pleasing.
    • Spongy gums and bleeding teeth.
    • Tooth becomes loose in the socket.
    • Excessive salivation.
    • Digestive disturbances, psychological problems and asthma.
    • UK Department of Health issued a warning to pregnant women to avoid having dental amalgam fillings during pregnancy to avoid possible harm to foetus.
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