Full Mouth Rehabilitations
Full Mouth Rehabilitations

FMR is the need of hour .With so much advancement in dentistry,It gives us immense satisfaction when we are able to provide FMR to our patients whose quality of life has been severely effected due to early loss of majority of teeth in their mouths.

FMR are indicated for patients who do have all teeth present in their mouth but are worn down because of certain habits or because of ageing and is not allowing them to use them effectively for chewing.

FMR with the help of implants or other denture options are indicated for those who have multiple teeth missing and they wish to have 28 teeth back with the help of a dentist. FMR also helps patient with TMJ problems by alleviating their muscular pain.

Glamour has not escaped dentistry too.... we offer tooth jewellery by fixing diamonds which are specially made to be fixed on teeth.

Anti snoring devices, mouth guards for sports persons, splints for night grinders, are few other recommended treatment options that we offer.

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