About the brand name and logo of ‘Savani Dental ’:

The logo of Savani Dental care shows a tooth formed by an intersection of a curve derived from the letter ‘S’ (i.e. clearly the initial of brand name ‘Savani’) and letter ‘D’ to its opposite side; (i.e. an initial of the word ‘Dental care’). This Logo also illustrates the shape of an apple to symbolize great Oral Healthcare. Green colour is used to evoke a feeling of positivity and good health. A slightly curvy horizontal line in the middle highlights the surety of keeping your teeth perfect, your mouth healthy and your smile intact.

Your health is our priority

Who are we?

Savani Dental & Ortodontic Clinic is a premier dental care centre, specialized in Orthodontic, Implant and cosmetic dental treatments. With over 12 years of experience in the field of holistic dental treatments, Savani Dental clinic positions itself as one of the leading players in the Dental Esthetics in the Surat city. Two well-equipped branches of Savani Dental & Ortodontic Clinic at the Ghod dod road and Lal Darwaja are well connected to all the major areas of Surat.

What do we do?

Expert & experienced Dentists and Orthodontist at Savani Dental Care offer a range of advanced preventive and general dentistry treatments for the patients of all ages, at an affordable price. Our Dental Care treatments include- Teeth Braces , Filling , Root Canal Therapy (RCT) , Dental Implants , Crown & Bridge, Veneers, Child Dentistry, Gum Diseases ,Wisdom Tooth Removal , Dental Surgery ,Dentures , Teeth Whitening, FMR (Full Mouth Rehabilitation).

With the objective of providing our patients with the highest quality dental care treatments along with utmost patient care, we work in tandem with our well-qualified support staff and state-of-the-art technology. Our customer-friendly clinic is highly appreciated by our clients for our disciplined appointment procedure and hygienic environment.

With the advancements in the field of dentistry, we have upgraded both the branches of Savani Dental Care with the latest technology. Likewise to keep pace with the innovation in dental technologies and their application for every day clinical care; we keep on upgrading our knowledge, by attending various courses, training workshops, seminars, conferences and organization memberships etc. to ensure the best patient care.

Currently operational in the Surat City, Savani Dental care centre aims to serve the patients throughout the South Gujarat region. Along with that Savani Dental care also caters to the needs of oral healthcare treatments from across the world through its progressive drive of Dental Tourism.

Our Mission

To help our patients achieve their optimum dental health, by performing the most advanced dental treatments possible each day. Become a successful dental care treatment provider with a strong reputation and loyal client base, by offering the finest quality patient care through staying updated to the latest dentistry trends and integrating state-of-the-art technology.

Our Vision

Savani Dentalcare centre envisions to establish its dental practice as the leading oral health care provider across the South Gujarat region by providing superior oral health care solutions.

Dental Tourism

The globalised and integrated world economy has thrown up unique opportunities for the Medical and Dental service industry. India has reaped a benefit in terms of being able to provide medical and dental services, with significant cost savings as compared to its peers in the developed countries. The training, skill, adoption of technological advances and unmatchable experience of Indian dentists, combined with their ability to provide quality dental care services quickly at a much reasonable rate, has put India on the global map for the dental tourism. The burgeoning city of SURAT in Gujarat, India, is well- connected and well-equipped to contribute to the Dental Tourism industry.

As a premium dental care centre, SAVANI DENTAL AND ORTHODONTIC CLINIC makes it an ideal place for the expatriate community’s dental treatment in India. And the reasons for the same are listed below.

  • Easy Accessibility due to its convenient location
  • Superior Quality Dental Treatment
  • Infrastructure and Hygiene level of International standards
  • Expert Dentists and Orthodontist and adequately trained Staff
  • Thus Savani Dental clinic is best suited to offer the patients from foreign countries with affordable Dental care, Dental Treatment, Dental Surgery or Dental procedures; which are generally expensive in their own countries. Over the years, we’ve served a large number of dental tourists from all parts of the world with smile design, Teeth braces, Root canal, Teeth whitening, implant dentistry , dental laser treatments and Invisalign.

    Our Team

    Awesome Team

    Dr. Kalpana Savani


    Dr. Hiral Savani