Dental Tour

"The globalised and integrated world economy has thrown up unique opportunities for the Medical and Dental service industry. India has reaped this benefit in terms of being able to provide medical and dental services at a fraction of the costs in the depressed western economies. The training, skill and experience of Indian dentists combined with their ability to provide dental services quickly and at a fraction of the cost has put India on the map for dental tourism. The teeming city of SURAT is well located and equipped to treat visiting patients."

"SAVANI DENTAL AND ORTHODONTIC CLINIC is one of the leading dental centers in SURAT that caters to and understands and treats a large number of the expatriate community that live there and also dental tourists from all parts of the world. With surgeries we are conveniently located . Our infrastructure is of international standards and our staff is adequately trained to deal with all the requirements of visiting patients such as smile design, implant dentistry and dental laser treatments.. "